Last Bummer Records is a bad ass, bespectacled, blinged out phoenix rising up from the insufferable detritus that is the current music scene. Gabi Sifre and Jacqueline Lewis met while working at Vice and Chief magazines, respectively. Finally they joined forces and consummated their radness by founding Last Bummer Records in the fall of ’09.  This website serves as a simple platform to highlight the gnarliness of the musicians in the Last Bummer family. Our bands are our blood and we’ll fight anyone who says they suck (but pick Gabi, she’s way stronger than Jacque and her nails are more durable).  Oh, and, Jacque says “Hi Mom!”

In early 2013, Last Bummer moved its headquarters to San Juan, Puerto Rico, and while some of our bands hail from the island, we’re always looking all over the world for new family members!