For those of you who still sit down and listen, we present Fantasmes, made up of Puerto Rican sound artists Mario Negrón and Darío Morales. As psychedelic enthusiasts, their music moves easily from 60s psychedelic pop to the avant-garde. Home recording, tape manipulation, and spontaneous recording are some of Fantasmes' tools of the trade, along with ideas on creative flow and mind-altered composing. Fantasmes has self-released two EPs, and Last Bummer released their first full-length, Redness Moon, in 2012. Their latest EP, Thralls to Strange Witchcraft was released in May, 2014. 

Photo by Mariola Rosario. 


Los Manglers is part teeny-bopper bubblegum melodies and part Pre-Raphaelite fuzz pop, but all rock and roll. Puerto Rico indie scene veterans and Dandy and the Walkers alumni, Laira Diaz (vocals/guitar), Enrique Olivares (guitar), Juan Antonio Arroyo (bass) and Mario Negron Gonzalez (drums) regrouped under the guise of mangling with extreme prejudice, blending doo-wop sensibilities with 1960s psychedelic cool. The band’s own vision with a voice Laira brings the apparitions of dead lovers, femme fatales and medieval maidens to life with an aesthetic twang. With influences ranging from glam to krautrock and Symbolism, Los Manglers’ own crippling jangle is alluring as it is acerbic. The band released their first full-length, "Between Worlds," in July 2015.

Photo by Payola Isabel. 


BED RUGS is an indie pop songwriting trio from Antwerp, Belgium consisting of Yannick Aerts, Stijn Boels and Noah Melis. The live outfit includes Arne Omloop and Yorgos Tsakiridis. Think old school Beatle-esque songcraft with a focus on vocal harmonies and a psychedelic tinge, but modern-sounding like The Flaming Lips, Tame Impala, or The Olivia Tremor Control. Bed Rugs’ new album Cycle was recently released to much critical acclaim. They are touring Europe and planning to cross the ocean some time soon. The American release of Cycle will be out through Last Bummer on vinyl and Burger Records/Lollipop Records on cassette.


Making Friendz is a sweet, sweaty mixture of lo-fi punk and glossy pop, R&B and disco. This is the latest of Tami Hart's many projects--she was previously signed to Mr. Lady Records, released two full-length solo albums by the age of 21, and has performed with Le Tigre, Indigo Girls, The Gossip, Sleater-Kinney, Mika Miko and MEN, as well as received critical acclaim from the likes of Pitchfork and The New York Times. Making Friendz's debut EP, Social Life, released in 2011,  is sure to up all the punks who love to dance. 


Kordan is a Brooklyn trio who mesh lush textures, pulsating beats, and somber melodies to project dreams of bleak, dismal cities in a holographic future. Arthur (vocals/guitar), Liz (vocals/synth), and Gabo (bass) emerged from the underground music scene in Puerto Rico during the early 2000s. After stints throughout the US, the trio converged again in Brooklyn to forge Kordan. Their upcoming album, The Longing, depicts a story of love in a hazy metropolis circa the year 2036, where the sky is tuned to a dead channel, the city glimmers with neon dreams, and holograms of lovers drift away.

Photo by Emily Berger.